Thursday, April 10, 2008

Technological Advances at My House

Top Cartoon:
frame #1: "Hold on, I feel a bad mood coming"
last frame: "That was fast"
"I call it my turbo bad mood"
Bottom Cartoon:
last frame: "I can't establish the right posture for a turbo bad mood"
"You just haven't mastered what I call the 'Stinking Lotus' position"

I'm trying out new (new to me) technology. I can use our new printer to scan pictures/documents and save them on a memory card. I don't know how to enlarge the picture yet, so apologies for the unreadable text. These cartoons appeared yesterday and today - and reminded me of Keira's blog (yesterday's post: Disconsolate).

1 comment:

Keira said...

Excellent tech skills. I loved the homage.

I won't be calling you today so if you want to chat you'll have to call me. ;) Welcome home Elder West!!!