Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hola Elder

Hola Familia,

This has been an excellent and exciting week. We've been super busy,
with Wednesday being the craziest day.

For Wednesday, we literally had every hour of the day booked
beforehand: morning, afternoon, and everning. In the morning we had a
couple appointments with some less-active members, and also a service
appointment for a member. She needed us to take a sewing machine down
from the top of her really really full garage. In the process my arm
ended up being brutalized by a light bulb. And by brutalized I mean it
gave me a huge gash. And by huge gash I mean a super-clean, inch and a
half long cut (of awesomeness). Elder George liked it because it gave
him the opportunity to finally use the first aid kit he's been
carrying around for the past 6 months. None of our appointments in the
afternoon held, but we still got some stuff done.

That evening was really good. We started off with a lesson with
super-smart singles ward investigator. He really knows a lot of stuff
about the Bible and religion and such, and we taught him about the
Plan of Salvation. He asked a lot of really good and really deep
questions, which we were able to answer satisfactorially and to his
understanding. He understands how the Plan of Salvation makes sense on
an intellectual level (as it should), so now we're praying that he'll
be able to understand the Gospel on a spiritual level (as he should).

After that we visited a nice less-active family. Following that, we
did the impossible: Triple Splits. Elder George went to go teach a
family that has been progressing very nicely; Elder Teng went to a
couple singles' ward investigators who always have very-interested
friends over (literally our best finding activity for that ward); and
I stopped by a less-active single who we've been really successful at
reactivating. The miracle here is that all three appointments held
perfectly, and they all went amazing.

Second best day of the week was yesterday (Sunday). The aforementioned
singles' ward investigators decided to have a bonfire in their
backyard, and invited a bunch of friends over telling them "There will
be s'mores and Mormons" ("S'Mormons"). We in turn invited a couple
people from the singles' ward. Sadly, there weren't any s'mores, but
it was good all things considered. After a good amount of friendly
conversation, we were able to explain to all the stangers what exactly
we were about, and a couple of them were interested enough to set up
appointments with us.

If only members were crazy enough to do stuff like that...

Elder Teng leaves for Taiwan on February 21.

Hasta Banana,
- Elder West

P.S. Tell David that his Subway card has proved to be infinitely
(infinitely) useful.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Frequent Flier

I'm flying down to Charleston in three weeks...the week after flying down to San Francisco, and two weeks after driving down to Portland...cue some traveling music...

...anywho...while I'm spending the week with my grandchildren I might just have to paint something. The last time we visited, I ended up painting most of the rooms downstairs. I've got my eye on her upstairs family room. I asked her for the dimensions of the room - and she steered me to the builders website. I found her floor plan, but unfortunately I couldn't pin the plan, so I snipped it, saved it, and put it here...all so that I could pin it on Pinterest.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Liahona GPS

If I'm still teaching seminary in 2 years, I'm so using this picture.

The Need for Speed...

...shutter speed.
This is probably Steve...

Definitely Danny.

Danny taking a corner...

Steve was smiling...can't you tell?


Warp 9?

Crossing the speed of light barrier.

In spite of the fuzzy pictures, a good time was had by all.
Sycart Indoor Racing.
Rating: fun.