Saturday, April 19, 2008

Is There Hope For the Species?

Steve and I had the dubious pleasure of chaperoning the stake dance this evening. Dress was casual. So was pretty much everything. We were on parking lot detail (making sure there were no steamy windows, drug deals, etc...). In between our rounds we went into the gym to warm up (baby it's cold outside!). It seldom seemed like anyone was dancing. Maybe we were just missing it. Maybe.

I informed Alex that if I had to go, so did he. He probably moved around more than 1/2 the people, combined. I'm almost tempted to sign him up for some dance lessons. He has the energy, flexibility - he's just lacking in the rhythm section.

Near the end of the dance I was sitting next to parents of a young woman. We each pointed out our kids. Frankly I was happy that Alex was mine. Their young woman was quite the boisterous dancer, while not having anything like unto a dancers usual body type. Her parents had pointed out Alex to her earlier and told her they thought they had found someone who could keep up with her. This is one time that I'm glad that Alex dances to the beat of a different drum.

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Keira said...

We had the same experience a few years back as chaperones. Nobody danced but those that did were fairly hoochie in style.

In my day you only didn't dance at the very beginning. We were lemmings--wait for one and then everyone went.