Monday, April 21, 2008

Out of the Blue

"Lori and I goofing around" circa 1977

I got an unexpected phone call this afternoon. I haven't heard from Lori in probably a dozen years. We have exchanged Christmas cards faithfully every year - Christmas cards with pictures and newsletters - just enough to have an idea of what each we're up to - how many kids (now grandkids), what vacations we went on, that sort of thing, but we just don't talk often.

I met Lori over 40 years ago - we were friends all through school. Her parents had a little house over on Fairview Drive. It was in that house that I watched Neil Armstrong take his "one small step" on the moon in 1969. We played with dolls together, had sleepovers, listened to classic music such as the one about Camp Grenada, and played board games like "Mousetrap".

Good times. Good times.


Keira said...

What are you doing to that poor girl?

crashhanna said...

That was 31 years ago - I'm sure I don't remember. Did you notice that I'm wearing my prom dress (from the picture on Steve's blog).

OKTownsends said...

I think I was about to reveal all your secrets, but notice how calm I am. It was fun talking to you and don't worry what happened in the 70's will stay in the 70's.