Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bureaucracy At Work

Roz is alive and well. She works at the DMV under the name of "Sandy".

Nathan and I spent an hour and a half at the Department of Motor Vehicles. I suppose it could have been worse. For a while I thought it might be a lot longer. We hadn't planned on going up there, but since we had some free time and all of his identification documents - thither we went.

Steve and Nathan had looked online to find out what documents Nathan would need to replace his lost license. The list was a little confusing, redundant and in some cases, obscure. We gathered up everything we could find - on the theory that it's better to have more than you need, than not enough. I put it all in a file folder so that we wouldn't lose anything. When Nathan and I finally got up to the counter this is what we got.

DMV worker (hereafter referred to as "Roz"): Spell your last name.
Nathan: W***
"Roz": First name.
Nathan: Nathan
"Roz": Date of Birth
Nathan: **/**/85
Roz: Is your address......
Nathan: yes
"Roz": That'll be $15, and you may step over to the camera.
Me: Don't you want ANY identification???
"Roz": We still have his picture and information in the computer.
Me: Are you sure???

Here is a list of the contents of our file folder:

Certified Birth Certificate
Selective Service Card
Driver's Ed. Diploma
Insurance Policy
High School Transcript
3rd Grade Class Picture

I'm just a little disappointed that she didn't want to see any of it. After all, he was such a cute 8 year old.


Suzanne said...

Are you kidding me?! An hour and a half for that?! Ugh, bureaucracy at it's best.

Keira said...

I'm not remembering if the puce or the goldenrod folders go to Roz...