Saturday, August 31, 2013

Carpe Carpet

The decor of Ogre's Relish is very 70's at the moment.  And I don't mean that in a good way.  We have no plans of doing a restoration...Our plan is to make this baby awesome. In a good way.

Let the games begin.
These little beauties are not destined to be returned to the walls. Not on my watch.

Steve and Danny (with a bit of help from your truly) began Phase I of our trailer renovation.  As with any remodeling project, first you have to start with a clean(ish) slate.
Trailer? What trailer? 
Here's a "before" of the lovely curtains (and some butterflies).
All curtains are gone!
Before picture showing the not-so-lovely pink carpet.  And more butterflies.
The stinky pink carpet is now a thing of the past.  Sadly, the awesome lino is not in awesome shape. New flooring is definitely in order.

Friday, August 30, 2013

How ghetto are we?

It is a fact, universally acknowledged that:
  • "rush hour(s)" traffic through Seattle is always bad.
  • "rush hour(s)" traffic through Tacoma is always bad.
  • there is inevitably an accident between Tacoma and Olympia when you least want to be slowed down by one.  Or two.
  • pre-Labor Day traffic on I-5 is always horrendous.  Without exception.
That said, I'm pretty excited about how our trip yesterday went.  A special thank you to Steve who actually did all the driving and then went out after midnight to take pictures. 

Special. Thanks.

According to the title, we now are the proud owners of a 1971 Aristocrat Lo-Liner. That's according to the title.  It looks a lot like some 1970 Lo-Liners that I have found on the internet. The ad for it on craigslist was brief:

"1971 Aristocrat. 
Decent shape."

Before you get all is in "decent shape"...for a 1971 trailer that is selling for $750.

I'm sure our neighbors will be excited to wake up to this!

Let's start a "Need to Do" list, shall we?
1. Wiring
2. Replace broken window (that's the one with duct tape over it)
See #1. (wiring)
That orange "light" on top is actually a house window across the street.  Weird.
The wire gracefully draped across the side is obviously for the tail lights. Obviously.
What you can't see is that it has the original hubcaps with the word "Aristocrat" embossed on it.  It actually has two of them.
What's behind Door #2?  The door on the right (with the mirror) lead to the bathroom...which has a working toilet and shower.  
3. Rip up nasty pink(!) carpeting.
4. Remove old curtains.
5. Toss out foam cushions.
Are you as excited as I am about the avocado appliances?  I sort of don't hate them.  We'll see if I can talk Steve around.  If not...
6. Paint appliances.
This is the dinette area.  I plan on making this a fixed bed...
...after removing curtains and cushions (see #4 and #5)
There's actually quite a bit more that we may or may not take on - depending on whether we decide to keep this trailer:
  1. New flooring.
  2. Tear out vanity (that's the little sink under the back window.
  3. Take out furnace (it's below the refrigerator), and move fridge down to floor level...which would mean also putting in a new counter top.
  4. New back splash.
  5. Do something about/to the ugly paneling.
  6. New exterior paint.
  7. etc, etc, etc...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Henry and Grass and Waffles

I was actually trying to get a good picture that included Henry and my newly painted bench.
Henry was not interested in the bench. At all.

He was interested in grass.

And then along came Waffles (that's what we call the neighborhood cat).

Waffles is a friendly cat, and not averse to a little flirting.

Waffles rubbing his (or maybe her?) head on Henry's hand.

Goodbye, Waffles.