Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rather Dashingly...

Dear Family,

Congrats on the new addition to the family!

Today was our temple P-Day. It was quite interesting. We went to the LA Temple for the 5:30 am session, and it was packed. Of the portion of the mission that goes to the LA Temple, I think that over half were in attendance (and on time). There were a lot of familiar faces in the celestial room. It was great.

James came back from China and we were able to talk with him last night. He really enjoyed his trip, and even with all the work he's having to do to catch up with all of his AP classes, he still finds time to read from the Book of Mormon and such (while also trying to get the world record high score in Abadox (a random NES game)). Quite impressive.

We're still working with Dawn and Nancy and that whole family. For Elder Perry's birthday this week they gave him a few random presents. On the more spiritual side, it seems they're doing better. Nancy was the only one of them who came to church this week though, which is weird because out of all of them she got the least sleep the previous night (ie none).

On Friday I was on exchanges with an Elder Greene, who (believe it or not) is a greenie (though unfortunately his name is just pronounced green). For somebody so quiet, he's quite good.

All the news I'm hearing about changes resulting from the influx of missionaries is weird. For instance, apparently the time in the MTC for all these incoming missionaries has been cut by a third (2 weeks instead of 3 for English, and 6 instead of 9 for Spanish). Also, I've heard (a rumor) that because of all of this they're cutting off the extra week from the next transfer, thus shortening everybody's missions by a week. Interesting happenings are about...

Rather Dashingly,
Elder West