Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

Danny and I spent an hour this morning playing Take Off. When he was younger we modified the rules so that if you landed on your opponents piece, they only had to go back one turn, instead of to the beginning.

Now that he is a teenager...well, let's just say that we can now take the gloves off.

It wasn't too funny when he bumped me from one side of the map clear back to the beginning - after I had just been nice to him on the previous turn (I could have bumped him, but I didn't). But when I had the opportunity to do it to him on the very next turn....well...I took it. We were both laughing pretty hard. Who knew geography could be so funny. This sure beats always having to "let" him win.

I didn't feel too bad about losing to him - we both had a lot of fun and the game was fairly close. Besides, I wupped him good earlier when we were both doing the soduko puzzle from the newspaper.


Suzanne said...

Seriously need to find this game!

crashhanna said...

Go to - type in Take Off! They have it.