Thursday, April 3, 2008

But Will It Blend?

At 5:15ppm yesterday our new couch arrived. I felt a little sorry for the delivery men. Our house was the final delivery of the day and they had to hoist a 3 piece sectional up a full flight of stairs. Let this be a lesson to all the children out there. Get a good education so that you too don't have to lug around heavy furniture all day.

The new couch goes quite well with the chair we already have - and the matching pillows. I put the pillows that came with the couch in garbage bags in the garage. They are nice looking pillows, but they are filled feathers. Nathan would not appreciate coming home to feathers.


Suzanne said...

Ohhh, nice. I'm really impressed with how well it goes with the chair.

What are you using for a coffee table? New or recycled?

Keira said...

OOOOOo love it, love it, love it. Has you husband noticed he can't reach the alcove yet?

crashhanna said...

The coffe table is the one I bought for $5 at Good Will and refinished (last fall).