Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Fool for April

My BEST April Fool's joke. Ever.

If you owned a 1962 Rambler in 1980, odds are that you didn't bother to lock the doors. Steve didn't. I placed this sign inside his car very early in the morning of April 1, 1980. I don't know how many phone calls he got before he figured it out - but even a 1962 Rambler was worth way more than $45 in 1980. Especially at BYU. Lots of poor students thinking they too could own a sweet ride.

The best feature? No bucket seats. Yeah, we got engaged 5 days later.


Suzanne said...

Oh, that's cruel and oh so funny!

Keira said...

Is that the actual sign? I am waaaaay impressed.

stephen said...

That is the actual sign. I was woke up by phone calls to buy my car.

She also emptied out my closets. I went up to my room later in the day and all my clothes were gone. And she acted so innocent when I told her what had happened.