Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ogre's Relish. Yes. Finally.

We finally got our 1971 Aristocrat Lo-Liner trailer whipped into some semblence of shape...enough to take it out for a test run over Memorial Day Weekend.  We're not done - there is still a ton left to do, but if I wait until we're totally done to post pictures, it might not happen. So, without further ado, I give you:

Ogre's Relish

This was where we were with it back in January...I think.  This might have been before that.  Notice the refrigerator (non-working), with a furnace below. Also note the dinette up at the front.  Now, say goodbye.

I hope you said goodbye, because they are all gone. Now, say goodbye to the stove (also non-working).
Farewell to most of the damaged paneling, and hello to new insulation...
...and hello to new paneling.  You might notice the intricate shape - some people might have pieced their paneling, but that's not how my husband rolls.  He's an engineer - and he rolls in a very engineery manner.
Fits like a glove. A well engineered glove. This is part of the reason it took so long to finish.  When your main worker is an engineer there tends to be a humongous amount a bit more attention to detail than is strictly necessary.
More new paneling. There came a time when we just had to stop ripping stuff out.  I think this was the point. The remaining panels weren't perfect, but they were good enough.  I believe that became our motto. "Good Enough".
Hello new paint. Goodbye old floor. You can see one piece of the new stuff over to the right. Much nicer than the ratty old lino.
 New cabinet from Home Depot. It had a big hole in the left side - Steve talked them into discounting it (half price!). We got the countertops and faucet from Home Depot also.

Look how pretty the new floor is!  We managed to get exactly enough width left from the adding the new kitchen cabinet so that we could build in a full size bed! No need to fold it up every day.  I reallyreallyreallyreally wanted a bed that was just a bed, and we got it! Really.

And now for the (semi) finished product:

 The kitchen counter doubles as a nightstand.
 Lots and lots of counter space.
 The curtains are actually dish towels I found at Walmart. I love that they aren't too busy, but yet go really well with the vintage vibe I was trying for.
 Look at all the counter space!
All the pictures were hung using Command Strips.
 Instead of the non working oven, we used a toaster oven and a hot plate.  It's amazing what you can accomplish with those two appliances.
Art by Danny...I'd like to point out that I have never (yet) had blue hair.
I do love me some shelves.

We still have a TON to do:
  • new light fixtures
  • knobs and drawer pulls
  • trim on ceiling and walls
  • the (shudder) bathroom
  • the (shudder) closet
  • paint the outside
  • finish the bench cushion (the fabric is currently pinned in place because I'm waiting to find something better/sturdier)