Monday, January 21, 2008

Substitutiary Locomotion

We spent the afternoon going to the Pacific Science Center today. I saw in the paper a couple of days ago that they were having a model railroad show there - and I am a sucker for model railroads. Alex, Danny and I picked up grandson Kaith and then drove down to the "lazy B" to pick up Steve. We totally scored free parking only a couple of blocks away from the PSC- no mean feat in Seattle.
I'm not sure if the kids enjoyed the trains as much as me. Personally, I would have lingered longer at the trains, but with a 4 year old grandson we went where the wind blew him. Fortunately Alex and Danny are both old enough to go around by themselves. Unfortunately Danny was starting to get sick - so I'm not sure he had a great time.
My husband would love to have a model train set that had all the buildings and landscaping, etc...yea, it'd be great...having him spend all his "spare time" making teeny tiny towns for teeny tiny trains. As much as I love model trains I think we'll have to be content with the one we have.

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