Thursday, January 24, 2008

Doctor's Visit, Part III

In spite of being 25 minutes late for Daniel's appointment, the doctor graciously fitted us in. In spite of my doubts, it turns out his finger actually IS broken. And it's broken right where he had complained of the pain in the first place. Between his broken finger this month, and his broken finger in September (oh, and sprained finger), I am getting to be quite a dab hand at splinting and wrapping fingers. Our next follow-up visit is....wait for it.....on Valentines Day. Just how I want to spend Valentines.

We stopped by Albertson's on the way back to school to stock up on more ace bandages.


Keira said...

The hay wrapping thing was a marvel of modern engineering and dang it, I want Psyche!

crashhanna said...

I'll bet the ancient Egyptians would be green with envy if they got a look at that wrapping machine.