Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Black Death, revisited

I had to take Danny to the walk-in clinic yesterday. He may or may not have a broken pinkie.

We spent over an hour in the waiting room before seeing the triage nurse. During that time we were sitting right next to a family whose teenage (or a little older) son had not been able to eat for 6 days because he had the flu. I think his girlfriend was also sick - she at least kept a hankie over her mouth the whole time.

The triage nurse was very concerned - she dumped almost a quarter of a cup of heavy duty hand sanitizer on our hands and instructed us to keep rubbing, don't touch our faces, use more sanitizer before we left, and wash well when we got home. She said they had had at least a couple of verifiable cases of the flu - and since we were healthy she didn't want us to catch it.

After all that we still aren't sure if Danny's finger is broken - I have to take him back to the doctor on Friday.

Is it too late to get a flu shot?


Suzanne said...

No it's not too late, but it takes up to two weeks for it to become effective. (For some reason I was watching the news last night) Apparently, Colorado has "widespread" cases of Influenza. I haven't gotten the shot..I'm considering it though. I really hope you escape the plague.

Keira said...

Health Canada?!! Provinces?!!