Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sick Day

I'm not sick today. Yet. Danny is the one staying home sick. He was miserable yesterday - coming home from the science center, and since he is not one to suffer in silence, we ALL knew it. He finished off a box of tissues during family home evening - we got him into bed early - then Steve gave him one Benadryl in hopes of his nose drying up enough to get to sleep. He was supposed to go to the orthodontist this morning, but I called and cancelled. I feel bad about it, because this appointment was already a rescheduled one because he was sick last month.

After I called his orthodontist to cancel, I called the middle school to report him absent. The school secretaries make themselves felt, even over the answering maching.

"Please leave the childs name, grade, reason for absence, date of absence, your name and your relationship to the child."

For anyone not counting, they want SIX items of information. They are lucky to get four from me.


Keira said...

Here's bell. When he rings it you are to come and rub his forehead and say "There's a baby..." Oh, man, I was laughing so hard.

crashhanna said...

"poor little bunny..."

Suzanne said...

I like to wait until the school secretaries call me to inform me that my child is not in school. I've been very tempted to say;" What he's not there?!" Just to mess with them.