Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bill of Fare

A couple of nights a week my husband works very late. Andrew works late 5 nights a week. So that leaves me, Danny and Alex. Our dinner menu seems to slide off of the entrees and onto the kiddie menu. Last night it was only Danny and myself. Considering the charcoal rice-a-roni debacle of the previous evening I just wasn't in the mood for even thinking about cooking. I gave Danny a few choices - he picked Shells and White Cheddar. I'm not a big fan of it - but it does have the advantage of being easy to prepare.

Tonight it's just me and the 2 younger boys again. My new philosophy is - "if Daddy ain't here, I ain't cookin'". Just kidding. Maybe I'll make pizza.


Suzanne said...

That's pretty much my philosophy; "Why cook when you don't have to?!" Last night we have chicken nuggets (all the way from the freezer) with carrots and whatever else that kids wanted. Michael brought home his own sub sandwich (he was nice enough to share with me). I've lost that cookin' feelin'.

What's for dinner tonight?

Suzanne said...

We had pancakes for dinner.

crashhanna said...

We're having leftover pot roast (from Sunday) shredded, with BBQ sauce added and served on Kaiser rolls. I bought 2 rolls at Safeway, I have 1 hamburger bun already.

Keira said...

I eked together the ingredients of Stroganoff. Yea!