Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Daydream Misbeliever

I tried to go shopping yesterday morning while Alex was getting his braces off. I forgot my wallet.

I tried to go shopping this afternoon. As I went to get a shopping cart at Albertsons Danny called from school to tell me he thought he had a broken finger. Put the cart away and picked him up from school. Headed straight over to the walk-in clinic. Spent over an hour in the "plague ward" - that's an hour of my life I'll never get back, never mind the other 45 minutes we were there.

Finally got to Fred Meyer's and did some shopping. With Danny in tow. When I finally got home at around 4:30 I just needed to unwind. I sat down at my computer and got to looking at cruises. At 5pm I figured I'd better start some Rice-a-roni to go with the chicken I had gotten at FM. I started the Rice-a-roni and then went back into my office and continued my daydreaming about a fabulous vacation. I only meant to sit down for a minute, but....a few minutes went by before I remembered. The rice stuff was black and a heavy pall of smoke hung halfway down from the ceiling. I can't believe the smoke detectors didn't go off. We aired out the smoke somewhat, but it was too late to save the side dish. Waaaaay too late.

So what did we have to go along with our chicken you ask? Leftover family home evening treats - cupcakes. Yup, cupcakes and chicken. Fine dining at our house.


Keira said...

I can't remember the blond Monkee's name--not Davy or Peter or The Little One...

crashhanna said...

The members of the group were Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, and Micky Dolenz.

Peter Tork was the blonde - sort of a babyface. Mike Nesmith the tall dark brooding guy with the sideburn, Davy - English and short, Mickey - dark curly hair and the "class clown".

I'm sure this falls under the category of way too much information.

Keira said...

I heart Davy.