Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Smart Wednesday

I haven't posted lately about doing the NY Times crossword puzzle. I haven't really had time (or inclination) to spend on puzzles. This week I started doing them again. I was really smart on Monday - I could have done it in pen. I was fairly smart on Tuesday - I only had to go back and make a couple of changes. I was smart enough to finish it today - albeit in pencil, with a good eraser. That's pretty good for me - especially after taking a break for a few months. Not sure if I'll attempt the puzzle tomorrow. Not only do I seem to get less smart as the week goes on, but it starts taking up an inordinate amount of time.

Time is a precious thing.

Had a tough time with 28D: Science fair creation, briefly. The answer only had 3 letters, and yeah, I finally got it - but my experience with science fairs (grade school and middle school variety) is that they tend heavily towards models of volcanoes and the solar system - not kids that build a "'bot" - which was the answer. "bot"??? The coolest science fair creation I ever saw- a hover chair. You heard me. Someone mounted a lawn chair on a round piece of plywood, attached rubber skirting to the board, and put what was probably their dad's leaf blower under the chair - pointing down. The darn thing actually worked - although they had to do the demonstrations outside because it was pretty noisy.

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