Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"Great" Uncle Alex

In between running around yesterday, I spent a few hours at home. Stephanie and Cory both had eye doctor appointments, so I volunteered to be crowd control.

I really don't make my grandkids sit together on a blanket - I put baby Sterling down on a blanket with some toys and his siblings all sat down with him. I'm thinking maybe I should encourage the blanket sitting thing....it's easier to keep an eye on them when they are all in one spot. Of course, since it's summer vacation I almost always have at least one other set of eyes to help out and yesterday was no exception. Alex is a great uncle - always willing to take time out of his "schedule" to play with his nephews and niece. He spent time outside with them, then played with toys and found a board game to play. He will make someone an awesome husband (and father) some day.

Did I mention he also does dishes?


Stephanie said...

Thank you Mom, thank you, Alex, and, hey! I got my blog started.
See me at mightmothers.blogspot.com

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

No!I really should be allowed to edit my own posts.

Anyone need directions?

Keira said...

I actually understood most of that German video. The 7 years weren't wasted after all.