Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dear Elder,

Sunday is the perfect day to write to a missionary (perhaps Elder Andrew??). Writing a letter is a great way for your son/daughter to work on those valuable writing skills. What? You say your child can't write? No problem. Drawing a picture and sending it is also acceptable. Don't think you have time yourself? No problem, print off a blog entry, journal entry, digital camera picture, whatever.

Don't know the address? No excuses on that one - just look at my sidebar. I will keep his address updated. The current one should be good until near the end of September.

I sent my first letter off on Friday. I have already "nudged" Steve, Alex and Danny to write. When Nathan gets home from the singles ward I will "nudge" him.

Consider yourself "nudged".


Keira said...

No. The nudge will not work this week--I have too much Day Camp stuff to think about.

crashhanna said...

Okay, but I will keep nudging.

BeeGeeBabe said...

Nudge received and will be pointedly nudged onward....

We'll be writing soon!