Thursday, July 24, 2008

C is for Chicken and Corn and Cantaloupe

I had one semester of Home Economics when I was in eighth grade. Besides our obligatory sewing project (I made a skirt) we had a unit on cooking and nutrition. I'm not totally sure how nutritious "tuna noodle casserole" was, but that's the only thing I remember cooking in that class. One other thing I remember was that our food should be colorful - not everything on the plate the same color. Okay, not sure how scientific that is, but I'll bet it has some truth to it. That said, the dinner I served tonight would not have gotten a passing grade. Well, maybe a "C", but not any higher than that.

All our food was all from the yellow/orange family.

Oh, and it all started with the letter "C". Corn, cantaloupe and cheesy chicken enchilada (sorry, Danny loves it).

I should have made cookies for dessert.


Keira said...

We had pizza for eight.

That's colorful, right?

crashhanna said...

Red sauce, white cheese, brown peppers? black olives? yellow pineapple? Lots of colorful options in pizza.