Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Awesomeness Ensued

Goodwill art. Large picture: $6.99. Small picture in corner: $ .69. Framed Kanji over bed. Free.
Totally awesome submarine mirror, bevelled. $3.99

Matching Japanese lanterns: about $1 each. Bulletin board: $2.99. Bamboo chair: free (from Stephanie) + white spray paint and a little fabric for the seat - less than $10. Ugly tie. Free.

Large frames: $3- $6. Wall shelf: $3.99. Vintage "Life" magazine - less than a buck.
Keira's help: Priceless.


stephen said...

I love it. Taking over the room and giving Alex our room is almost a good idea.

Suzanne said...

Totally Awesome! Wow, your house is looking "decorated" and I mean that in the best sense. (Especially since it's on a budget)

Could everyone come to my house and "decorate" it?