Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mexican Cupcakes

Saturday night at the movies. In the park. In the dark.

Steve is taking the boys to the free movie in the park. The movie for tonight is Willie Wonka. Stephanie called a couple of hours ago to see if we were going - she's making popcorn, so I said I'd make cupcakes.

I nearly always have cupcake papers - but not today. I do have a dozen silicone cups - but since one box of mix makes 2 dozen cupcakes, I had to do a dozen straight in the pans. Yeah. It was pretty funny to see the difference in shape between the ones in silicone and the ones just in the metal pan. The ones at the front of the picture were in silicone - they look pretty normal to me - but the ones at the back, well, not so much.

Danny looked at the ones in the pan and told me that one of them looked like a sombrero.


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Keira said...

Mmmmmmm...cupcakes. Sign me up for the koolaid. I'll see you at the park.