Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One More Time!

Keira, Jonah and Laura had dinner with us tonight before heading back to Oregon. During dinner Laura sat out on the deck with Kaith. She and Kaith are only a few months apart in age - and it was nice to hear how well they got along during dinner.

Well, I guess they got along. Laura spent most of dinner singing the same verse of "Old McDonald" over and over again. Occasionally I could hear Kaith joining in. The highlight of this musical interlude was Laura belting out the verse, then, in a loud voice, saying "One more time!!"


Suzanne said...

She obviously takes after her mother. :)

Keira said...

I got back at 9:40 last night--you sent me off at exactly the right time to avoid any traffic snarls. But I should have sent the kids outside more--Jonah and Laura were practically having seizures in the back seat.