Friday, July 11, 2008


There is a good side to anticipation. The kind of happy excitement when you're waiting for something that you know will be good. Christmas morning, your first driver's license(before you are jaded about the DMV), waiting for the ketchup to pour for your french fries, children's birthdays, vacations without stuff.

Then there is the dark slimy underbelly of anticipation. Sitting in a dentist's chair watching the syringe of novacaine move inexorably towards your mouth, having a chemistry test handed to you and realizing that you have no idea what the question are, let alone the answers, waiting for test results to come back from the doctors (like, say, a biopsy result). I was told that I should have my results this coming Monday. Not that I was too worried about them - at least, not yet.

I got back from taking Andrew and Steve to the airport this morning - and noticed that my answering machine was flashing. Yep. The nurse had left me a message that my results were just fine.

Even though I wasn't too worried, I am grateful not to have to wait clear through the weekend. Now I just have to schedule my "mashie" and wait for those results.


Suzanne said...


I was getting that slimy feeling of anticipation just reading your post, until I got to the end. Whew. Nice to have that out of the way.

Keira said...

"Mashie". Isn't that a kind of marble? Oh well, it fits either way...