Sunday, July 13, 2008

Getting Back in the Habit

I have felt a little at a loss for the past 3 months. Nathan came home from his mission - thus ending my 2 year habit of weekly letters and emails to him. I didn't always write to him on Sunday, but I always tried to remind Alex to write to him then.

During church today I leaned over to Alex and said, "Next week you get to start writing to Andrew".

I will start this week - we will have Andrew's address on Wednesday - as soon as Steve calls me with his address I'll send Andrew a letter. Excuse me, I'll send Elder Andrew a letter.

Time to get back in the habit. Oh, Happy Day.


Rob Dominguez said...

I always remember Dad writing to people on the backs of the Sacrament program. It's a wonder anyone could read the scrawl between the lines.

And this is Keira, btw.

stephen said...

I will try to make good use of my time and write Andrew often. Maybe I will write on my blog more often (like that would take much) so I have something to send him.

I will give you his address as soon as I get it.

stephen said...

For pictures of Andrew see my blog at cogsandgears.

Stephanie said...

Way to have a religious Sumday photo!