Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dinner Party for 10..11..12..?

I have no idea how many people were at my house for dinner. Let's see. Me, Nathan, Alex, Danny. Check. Keira, Jonah, Laura. Check. The entire Jones family: Don, Annette, Jacob, Ben, Mitchell, Colby and Logan. Check. Assorted friends (not sure who stayed to eat)....

Keira and I got back from Costco - where I had her put a bag of frozen hamburgers and a bag of buns in the cart. I must have been inspired, that, or the fact that I usually have those things on hand in my freezer all summer. When we got home the Joneses were in our front yard, with mutinous children. Their kids wanted to play with friends, not drive to their hotel to spend the evening. I invited them to dinner.

My recipe for an impromptu dinner party.

  • Costco hamburger, buns

  • Polish sausage left over from earlier in the week, hot dog buns from the freezer

  • frozen curly fries

  • frozen corn

I would have had salad too, but on second glance the bag of salad looked just a little past it. My one regret - I didn't have time (or energy) to come up with anything for "afters". It sort of helped that the majority of my guests were teenage boys. They will in fact eat anything.


Suzanne said...

That must have been some inspiration. I'm not sure that I would have had enough food to feed the army that you did. Way to go.

You didn't have enough Popsicles for "afters" ?

crashhanna said...

Never occurred to me. The only ones I have in the freezer right now are sugar free - not exactly guest friendly.