Monday, July 7, 2008

Performance Art?

It's Monday and we're off and running with a vengeance. This was one of those days that made me wish for a second car. Our one and only was in constant use starting at 6:30 am (Dropping Danny and a friend off for Scout camp), dropping Nathan off at the college at 7:30, Andrew taking the van at 8:45 to pick up Steve and go missionary shopping, 4:35 Andrew and Steve got home ($1,700 poorer) 4:40 left to pick up Nathan from work, home at 5:30 (after making a stop at Safeway to pick up milk) - Nathan then left 15 minutes later to go to singles FHE.

Tomorrow should be least, that's my hope. I just hope our running around isn't as pointless as this.


Suzanne said...

Ouch. Your poor van may start protesting. Days like that make my head spin, luckily they are few and far between.

Keira said...


That's alotta clams.