Thursday, March 27, 2008

To Dye For

This week's science experient involved learning about capillary action. I harkened back to the days of my youth when we used to put food coloring in vases with daffodils. Unfortunately I couldn't find daffodils the day we started our experiment, so we used carnations and celery (thank you Suzanne for that tip). I found some daffodils the next day, so we added them to the mix. Our next experiment might involve living plants. It would be cool to water some daffodils with colored water. Or some daisies. We'll see, I'm not willing to invest a lot of money in this.
Red Dye #40 doesn't look too appetizing.


Suzanne said...

The celery takes me back to my school days. Definitely don't want to eat the red dye #40 one. The green one looked pretty good, was it noticeably greener?

crashhanna said...

The green was not only much greener, but it also looked much perkier than the others. The red leaves were all wilted looking - the yellow were starting to get the same way, but the blue celery was nearly as perky as the green.