Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tis the Season...for Birthdays.

The true cause of global warming?

Sherri, Cindy, Sara, Keira, Steve - Not to mention Steve's sister Becky and nephew Joe...there's a whole lotta birthdays going on.

Rather than do a birthday post for each and every birthday, well, here you go:

Happy birthday to SherriCindySaraKeiraSteveBeckyJoe,
Happy birthday to SherriCindySaraKeiraSteveBeckyJoe,
Happy birthday dear SherriCindySaraKeiraSteveBeckyJoe,
Happy birthday to you.

Of course, these aren't the only birthdays in November and December in our extended family...not by a long shot, and with the addition of Keira's new baby some time this week that number will grow.
Happy Birthday Everyone!


Keira said...

Do you SEE why I won't share a birthday?!

I actually liked being part of the birthday train but you can't be double-yoked while you're heading down the track (if you want to take that metaphor too far).

Happy birthday all my family!

Samurai Mom said...

I love your Christmas Blog Decorations!

Frankie/mom said...

We're BAAACK! Had a lovely, relaxing t-day, et al in Mexico. Caught some fun in the (90') sun. Was eager to catch up on all the blogs. Will post my own soon. Your birthday song referred to all the family b-days; did you mean Joe Hanna? His b-day is April 12. Just thought you'd all like to know. And get this! He'll be 32!

Regardless, Happy Birthday one and all!