Friday, November 21, 2008

If it's Friday, this must be "Art".

Daniel's art assignment this week was nice. Fast and easy. That's rather refreshing. What is it? It is a monotype print of an African Fang Mask inspired design with Japanese inspired background. Our reference picture was of a sculpture by Amedeo Modigliani (it is called "Head of a Woman"). He in turn was supposedly inspired by the Fang masks.

The background inspiration was a picture by Suzuki Harunobu "The Evening Bell of the Clock". Notice the strong diagonal lines.

Whatever. It was a fun little project and a bit of a relief to have a simple project with fast results.
I even made a sample (see below) - mostly I wanted to see if wax paper would work for the monotype print. It worked fine, and might be fun to try again....maybe with a nicer looking subject?


Suzanne said...

I am liking the "Art Fridays". It's interesting to see what inspires the creations that are made.

Frankie/mom said...

We need some large wall art,so may commission a triplet of the bell hanging thingy! :) In reds, rusts & greens! Whaddya think? :)