Friday, November 21, 2008

Just When You Thought it was Over

I'll bet you thought the elections were over. Done with. Finito.

I wish.

My husband is going to be helping out tomorrow afternoon for a few hours getting affidavits (or as Rogue Riderhood, a character in Dicken's Our Mutual Friend, puts it "Alfred David"). There is one race here that is not done. Mike Hope (R) is 100 votes ahead of Liz Loomis (D), but only 100 votes. Both sides will be out in force getting affidavits from voters whose ballots were a little unclear.

Go Mike Hope.

I really do hope that Mike wins, and frankly, if I have to give up a precious Saturday with my husband, he'd better. Between seminary, homeschool, airplanes, and Elder's quorum our schedules have been more than a little out of sync.


Suzanne said...

Really?! I think that I was listening to the news yesterday and they were talking about a handful of races that still weren't decided. There are some CLOSE races.

Rock the Vote, Deb!

Keira said...

100 votes. I hope (pun intended) that your decision to post a sign for that guy in your front yard will not be all for naught.