Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Shopping Trip.

Wise leaders have counseled us to "know where your children are"...I always imagined that they were referring to teenagers - you know, make sure that they are not out with an undesirable crowd doing something illegal or immoral. I learned a valuable lesson last night. It's always a good idea to know where your 3 year olds are.

With 12 people at my house last night (the missionaries had gone home) there was plenty going on. Steve had even brought up the Christmas tree and we were setting that up. In the bustle, Miriam slipped away into my bathroom. There she was found by her mother, and then me...buck naked and covered from forehead to below the knee in toothpaste.

It could have been worse. I guess. She not only had toothpaste all over herself, but she had liberally squeezed it all over the toilet and cabinet. And she had used several Q-tips to paint the toothpaste around. And she had stopped up the toilet with Q-tips and toilet paper.

I hadn't planned to brave the crowds to go shopping today, but last night my 3 year old granddaughter Miriam created a need. I need a new toothbrush.


Suzanne said...

I'm trying to not laugh out loud, but that's pretty funny. No "back up" toothbrushes? Good luck braving the crowds today.

Keira said...

Who has back-up tooth brushes?

On second thought...I do. They're in the 72 hour kit.

Bummer for you, Deb.

crashhanna said...

I sometimes have back-ups - but usually those end up going to scout camp with the boys, or rather, replacing the ones that the boys took to camp.

m_perfect said...

That's a tough choice...toothbrush or post T-day shopping! I think I would be opting for a nice soft piece of flannel gently rubbed over each tooth ;)