Saturday, November 29, 2008

Errands a go-go.

I wish I had had Andrew's package ready to mail this morning - there was only one person ahead of us in line at the post office. We did get the customs form, 40 international stamps, 100 Christmas stamps and a friendly postal worker to give advice on sending a package to Japan.

Fred Meyer was also not so bad. Steve took back the 8 (EIGHT) pairs of pants that we bought him yesterday(because he couldn't try them on there...)and ended up with 3 pairs of pants. That fit. I also got 2 more new toothbrushes, because the one I got yesterday is too weird to continue using. It has some sort of tongue brush on the back of the regular bristles - so when I was brushing my back teeth it felt like I was sanding the inside of my cheek.

Next stop, Target. Got most of the stuff to put in a stocking for a five year old girl (for our ward's "giving tree"). Picked up a "Sleeping Beauty, 50th anniversary edition" for $11.88, which is about as much as I want to pay for it.

Finally, Costco. Hit the jackpot as far as samples today. Quite a plethora. Did a little shopping. Not much.

What did all these places have in common? Very short lines. Maximum of 1 person ahead of us in lines. This does not bode well for the retailers here.

What was the weirdest thing I saw today? A pair of newborn baby girl shoes/booties with "memory foam insoles". You have to ask yourself, "What are those insoles going to have to remember?"


Keira said...

Memory foam---hmmmmmm...You've got me. I can't figure it out either.

Suzanne said...

Twin girls? Then the shoes could remember which twin.

m_perfect said...

Good thought Sue! Weird!