Friday, November 21, 2008

A Little Friday Night Fun

School is done for the week.

Seminary is done for the week - and better yet, I only have one lesson to prepare for next week.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I need to catch up with my housework - especially mopping - since the grandkids were all here for hours on Wednesday. But that's for tomorrow.

To steal a phrase from Keira, "and now we dance." (watch the piano player dance!)


Frankie/mom said...

But of course, you WILL be doing your mopping in high heels & a dress, right? (that's how Donna Reed always did it!) Mopping floors no more here...bought this pad thing from Don Aslett. It uses 'velcro' to attach itself to the flat base on a long handle. Uses only water & does a great job on all floors. Used it in Idaho on hardwood & now on tile here. No chemicals needed. Can be ordered on line or on QVC. Dries super fast too! Just a thought.

Keira said...

That was a palate cleanser. It makes me want a rag(g) mop(p). Too bad I don't do high kicks right now.

I'm glad you get some down time. We don't talk've got such a packed schedule. Hang in there. Only one lesson next week. Sweet.

Stephanie said...

Umm . . . sorry about the dirty floors. But it's almost worth it to imagine you mopping in shiny high heels!

Suzanne said...

I'd like a picture of Sherri in Jim's old socks mopping her floors.

crashhanna said...

gotta go dig out the high heels.