Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pie Charts

5 people currently live in our home.

The missionaries called last night (after 9pm...)to inform us that yes, we were feeding them (3 missionaries). They also said that they had to do laundry, so would 3 or 4pm be okay? Grrr. Okay, 3pm.

As Nathan was leaving the house last night around 7:30 he enigmatically said "I told her 6pm". After a few minutes I figured out that "she" was his girlfriend, as she was coming over for dessert (I had told him that he was welcome to invite her).

Stephanie called and asked when her family should come over for dessert (they are having Thanksgiving dinner at her in-laws). We decided on 6pm. So, the McRae family (6) will be coming also.

Let's do the math:

5+3+1+6=15 people for pie. Not only that, but over half of them are teenage boys and/or men.

I made 2 pumpkin pies yesterday and a pecan pie. Stephanie is bringing cheesecake. All of a sudden at 9pm last night, the pie offerings were looking meager. (My philosophy about Thanksgiving food: it's all a warm-up for the pie). Steve offered to do a grocery store run and pick up some apples and caramels...I put a large dutch apple pie in the oven before 6am this morning, and now I'm trying to decide on one more pie...

Lemon meringue anyone?


Suzanne said...

Could you make another apple pie and pop it in my oven? My pie chart is pretty meager. 2+3=5-2 1\2=2 1\2-1=1 1\2.

Michael started sampling the pumpkin pie last night. I have no qualms with that pie being eaten.

3 o'clock for dinner?! Good luck, I hope eat at 1 pm.

Keira said...

Nathan? Girlfriend? I salute your discretion as I would have spilled the details forever ago.

My pies are Costco pies this year. I figure being a week from delivery gives me a certain latitude.

Suzanne said...

My Dutch apple pie turned out fab. Thanks for helping me get the motivation to make it this morning. I couldn't very well rest on my laurels when you had your pie in the oven by 6 AM.