Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Vacation: Off and Running

My house feels nearly empty this evening. Andrew is downstairs, Daniel and Steve are in the office...and everyone else (but me) is gone. The only noises I hear right now are the tapping of the computer keys, the dishwasher running and a distant neighbor's dog barking. It's lovely.

I think I will need a scoreboard this summer to keep track of who is home and who is not. Who is getting ready to go somewhere, and who is coming home. Alex and Andrew win for most activities, but Nathan will give them a run for their money. Steve and Danny are neck and neck and I am gratefully lagging (slightly) behind.

Alex - campout this weekend, Camp Helaman for 5 days next week, EFY the following week, then he gets a break until time for the 50 mile hike in August followed immediately by High Adventure.

Andrew - 2 farewell talks, then off to SLC for a few days before entering the MTC July 16th.

Nathan - Regional YSA Conference all this weekend - back on Sunday night, then starts college on Monday. That will last through mid-August.

- campout next weekend (where he will be carrying an ax - so it may be his only activity this summer), Scout camp in mid-July, then the 50 miler in August.

Steve - helping out at Scout Camp, taking Andrew to SLC and MTC, Marcy's wedding, 50 miler.

Me - Girls Camp next week, Marcy's wedding, 50 miler.


Keira said...

You need one of those clocks that Mrs. Weasley had--Traveling, Up to no Good, In Mortal Peril...

crashhanna said...

I wonder which one will apply to me next week at Girls Camp?

I rather think the whole thing will be a real curate's egg.

Suzanne said...

Lol. You win a thousand dollars for use of "curate's egg".

You have a crazy Summer ahead. No rest for the wicked, or is that weary? :)

Any cruises starting to look REALLY good about now?

OKTownsends said...

So, Marcy IS getting married? Will I get an announcement?

Now if you can just get everyone to leave home at the same time for a couple of days you could really have a summer vacation. Can it really be summer,though, when you are not picking beans?

BeeGeeBabe said...

Love Keira's clock idea but I want one that has an alarm to go off 30 minutes before I need to be/go/do somewhere/someplace/something. Can't we have one of 'our' engineers or geeks work on this??? Deb, I expect your household to start immediately!!

crashhanna said...

Frankly, I'm glad to start the summer with girls camp. That means it will be over soon. I always felt that way about cub scout day camp - I liked to have it near the start of summer vacation - get it over and done with, then I could relax.

And yes, Sue, a cruise is sounding pretty darn good right about now...ANY cruise.