Friday, June 6, 2008

Awesome Super Powers

Back in February Keira had a post about super powers. We had a good time explaining our super powers and naming our alter egos. Keira is "Personal Space Woman", Suzanne "The Lethal Listener", Tia "Sonic Boom", Nathan "Captain Mop-up", and Steve is "The Pacifier".

I was over at Stephanie's house this afternoon and Kaith was telling me about the play clothes that they had - some of them were super hero costumes. (I think he has a Batman costume, Buzz Lightyear pajamas and maybe others). I asked him what super powers he would like to have. He said his power would be to clean up the house. I told him that was the awesomest super power I had ever heard of.

Trevor said he would have "angry eyes" and look at bad guys. Boy are those two different.

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Keira said...

Laura would probably be able to conjure tea parties out of midair and Jonah would be some baseball/soccer ball wielding force for good.