Friday, June 20, 2008

Alter Ego(s)

Sorry, no pictures of me in the frames... I'd hate to give away my new secret identities.

Steve, Alex, Daniel and I went to Costco yesterday to buy glasses. It's really too bad that the sales clerks there don't work on a commission - between us all we bought 6 pairs of glasses. It obviously wasn't a very busy time for the sales clerks - because the older guy that worked there latched on to me (metaphorically speaking). I would really have preferred to browse in peace - trying on all the glasses by myself, but he just wouldn't go. I kept trying to send him over to help Steve or the boys, but nope, he stayed right by me. I suppose it was my own fault - I told him they were my first glasses - so he stayed to give me a lot of (unasked for)advice.

Danny had a great time choosing frames - although Steve and I both vetoed a ton of his choices. He kept trying on big glasses (think Elliot Gould in Ocean's 11 (just leave the sound off - some bad language in clip)). Steve didn't really like Danny's final choice - but I could live with them. Considering he probably won't wear them often I figured it didn't matter too much. Steve did have him get a second pair that were much more ordinary. It'll be fun to watch the two of them negotiate on when and where he can wear his fancy ones (they really aren't that bad - the frames are Converse - they have thickish black plastic frames - which is what Steve doesn't like. I think they remind him of the dreaded BCG's).

Alex got different frames too - his new ones are a little more trendy than his old ones - but they aren't too "out there".

Steve got new prescription sunglasses. They will be much nicer looking than his old ones. Much.

We will look like a totally different family in a couple of weeks. Ready to don our new secret identities.


Suzanne said...

Lol, secret identities. I think that I have watched The Incredibles one too many times. I can hear Edna Mode in my head.

I like the frames. Can't wait to see them on!

Keira said...

Elliot Gould owns those glasses. I think some illegal Havana cigars might come standard if you opt to wear those sort of things.

BeeGeeBabe said...

I like the frames. Everyone start looking around for some for me now ... my appointment is on Wednesday ... yikes!