Saturday, June 7, 2008


Global warming.

I just wish they'd shut up about it. I mean, come on - our average temperature for the month of June is (so far) 51 degrees. We've had over 2 inches of rain this week.

I'm not one to complain too much about our weather here in the Northwest. I like cool summers - the occasional sunny day is all I really need. I like rainy days in summer - the "Negligent Gardener" in me revels in the fact that I don't have to water anything. I get testy when we have a heat wave (anything over 85 degrees for more than 1 day).

That being said, I am a little concerned about the cool, wet weather. Why? Two words: Girls Camp. In just over 2 weeks I will be camping up near the top of the Snoqualmie Pass. Even if the snow is gone I know that I can look forward to hordes and hordes of ravenous, blood sucking mosquitos.


Suzanne said...

That poor penguin.

I am a little disappointed that Andrew isn't going into the MTC sooner. (For your sake) I shudder to think about Girls' Camp. Be brave..and wear lots of "Off".

crashhanna said...

Penguins and polar bears live at opposite ends of the earth - so obviously it's only simulated penguin...

Suzanne said...

In my heightened state of exhaustion, I didn't even realize the bears and penguins state of existence. Whoops.
Still a funny pic.

Have you made a list for Girl's Camp? I LOVED being in YW and making my list and checking it twice before the best week of the year.

crashhanna said...

If I was excited about going to GC I might make a list. As it is, I know I'll be wearing a maroon t-shirt that says something like "Stake Camp Mum" (we have some sort of flower theme). A toothbrush, sleeping bag, pillow, and a gallon of insect repellent. There. That's my list.

Keira said...

I'd like to say I DID notice the penguin/polar bear kerfuffle.

Two points for the pregnant lady.

Suzanne said...

A Stake Camp MUM?! Pfft. That's an insult.

I do like your list. Sounds exactly like what I would bring. I might add earplugs. Just saying.