Thursday, June 5, 2008

Do Not Adjust Your Set

My 5 boys seem to function just fine most of the time. Their shared disability is rarely a problem, seldom even brought up any more. It's not that we're ashamed, or that we try and hide their inadequacies...we just forget about it. That is, until it pops up to surprise us.

I went shopping with Stephanie yesterday (for her birthday). While I was gone I gave Daniel his last school assignment for the day. He was to write and illustrate a haiku. Being Danny, he tried taking the easy way out by writing a haiku about Jack and Jill:

Jack fell down and broke
his crown and Jill came tumbling
after, it hurt lots.

Not his best effort, but we're still working on substance. He found a drawing of Jack and Jill on the internet - so he printed it out and colored it. This is where his red/green color deficiency bit him. He thought he was coloring the faces a nice flesh color. Last I checked, green is not really a flesh color (on our planet). Maybe Jack and Jill fell down because they had food poisoning?

We'll be working on haiku and illustrations again today. With more adult supervision this time.

1 comment:

Keira said...

Clearly the concussion caused nausea.

I haven't ever seen Jonah make that egregious a mistake so I wonder how bad his color blindness is sometimes.