Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fashion Eyewear VS. BCG's

Steve wearing his military issue "birth control glasses" (circa 1983)

I am vastly disappointed that I won't have any REAL help picking out glasses this afternoon. Alex will be getting new glasses, Danny may or may not be getting glasses, Steve will probably be getting new glasses....but they all have or have had glasses. Steve and Alex will probably get pretty much the same kind as they already have - every few years I have to give them a push to update their "look" (see picture above).

I really could use some help. Suzanne? Sherri? Keira? anyone? anyone?


BeeGee Babe said...

I've got it! Take pics with your cellphone, send them to all of us and we will vote off the worst of them!!

Keira said...

BCGs? I can't believe that that is a somewhat official title.

Clearly that wasn't the case with you.

crashhanna said...

I was already expecting Stephanie...he had new glasses waaay before Nathan was more than a twinkle in his eye.