Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Mystery of the Lost Pants

I grew up hating laundry. Not so much the sorting and washing - that was fine, but I really hated folding and putting away laundry. Coming from a very large family, our pile of folding could at times (nearly daily...) reach epic proportions. Epic. So I have made a great effort to avoid that problem. I generally have a pretty tidy laundry room. I never have more than a load or two (at the most) of laundry to fold - and I only have that if one of my boys decided that they needed to wash something (like work clothes) in a hurry.

Yesterday morning Daniel complained that he didn't have any clean long pants. I was in the middle of doing laundry, but I was puzzled. I had washed and put away all the laundry on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday he only wore his Sunday pants....so where were his pants? I looked on his shelves (I have a cupboard in my laundry room for all of the boys clothes - they don't store clothes in their bedroom at all) - I looked on Alex's, then Andrew's, then Nathan's. No pants.

We finally found 3 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of warm-up pants and a pair of sweats, not to mention several shirts and a pair of socks....under the pillows on his bed. Don't ask.


Suzanne said...

Jack and I have been reading Encyclopedia Brown mysteries at night. You need to hang a sign for $.25 a day plus expenses.

Solved: The Case of the Missing Pants.

Keira said...

Jonah does this pretty often. He will be pants-less and it usually has something to do with his delivery of said pants to the laundry basket.

I never have a tidy laundry so in this, you are the master and I but a student.

BeeGee Babe said...

I remember hearing those dreaded words from Mom, "Go start laundry!" And feeling like I was going to barf everytime I walked in that room. I don't think there was an actual floor in there 'cause we never ever saw it! I'm the exact same way about laundry though - it's done and never overfloweth!

Keira said...

Okay, compared to that, I do have a tidy laundry. Whenever we played that 80s game, "What's grosser than gross?" my mind always conjured that room.