Saturday, June 7, 2008

Parallel Universe?

I'm pretty sure there is a rift somewhere near here in the space/time continuum. Pretty sure. Possibly it is located downstairs in the laundry room. More specifically in the washing machine. There may also be a rift in each of the boys bedrooms. A portal that leads to the universe of mismatched socks, lost library books and fingernail clippers.

We are not able to keep ourselves in fingernail clippers - just yesterday Steve said that the next time he was at the store he was going to get a dozen of the darn things - they disappear so fast at our house.

For some strange reason we don't have the same problem with toenail clippers. In fact, I'm not sure why we have so many - I never buy them. Hmmm....maybe they are really fingernail clippers that have mutated...

1 comment:

Keira said...

I, too have a clipper problem. Also a scotch tape issue--I think Laura filches them for her own ends.