Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away...

While browsing around the interwebs this week I came across a painting tutorial on Lil Blue Boo (she does a great job at explaining the process).  I thought to myself, 'Self, you could do this technique.' And so I did. I'm trying to gather up all the stuff I need to tart up my upstairs hall bath (the only room in my house that hasn't been painted at least once!). Anywho, I have a totally awesome theme (does it help if I mention that it's my 16 year old son's bathroom?)...

Let's get started on the painting!
1. I thinned down some Elmer's glue with water, and basically decoupaged torn telephone book pages onto a 12x12 canvas frame ($5.00). I'll never be able to call anyone whose last name starts with an 'l', but that's a small price to pay.

2. I covered the entire canvas and wrapped the paper around the edges.  You might notice the canning jar rings...I didn't want to glue the frame to the counter, so that's what I use to give a little height to my project.

3. I painted the entire canvas True Blue.

4. I printed up my phrase on the computer (using a free downloaded font - from www.fontspace.com/category/Star+Wars), then cut the letters out and traced them with a pencil.

5. Two coats of white paint, then I dry brushed some Leaf Green paint on the bottom and part of the top.

6. Allow paint to dry, then take some sandpaper to it to give it a distressed appearance.
7. I mixed some Bittersweet Chocolate(paint-not the stuff you eat) with water and then started the business of making the picture look even older. After applying the antique wash, I periodically wiped it down slightly with a damp papertowel (thus, the streaky effect).

8. Do I stop now? I think I will...
 I think my end product has a sort of Dagobah vibe. 
Total cost? Maybe $6.00.

Did I forget to mention the theme for the bathroom?  Wait for it...wait. for. it....

The Empire Strikes Bath. (With special thanks for the idea from a blog of the same name.)


Keira said...

You have officially murdered me with envy. I luuuurrrrve that.

T Harrington said...

Love it!