Friday, May 20, 2011

5 x 5, Day 5

This isn't a true 'before' picture - It was the 'I wonder what I can do with
all my unattractive crap stuff that is on full display in my bathroom that doesn't
have a lick of storage' stage.

Time for a little tension.
Rod gazed at the beautiful stranger. He could see her
true potential.

I don't think I'm completely done - but it's done enough for now.
I think I will add some rings to the back so that I can adjust the
length ala Roman blinds.

Ruffle-y goodness.


T Harrington said...

I love the ruffles and the curtain makes all of the difference.

Suzanne said...

The ruffles are fabulous! Oh yeah, the fabric is awesome. Nice job.