Monday, May 30, 2011

Almost (but not quite) free room makeover.

Just three days ago this room was a pit of despair.  I didn't think to take
a before picture, just imagine a catch-all, a junk room, a downstairs
attic. The best that could be said for it was that we were able to put
a lot of stuff in it - but really, it was:
The Island of Misfit Home Furnishings.

Keira and I spent all of Saturday afternoon de-crapifying it and then,
using things that were already on hand, putting together a new craft
and sewing space.  And an exercise space.  And storage. And a spare
room. Who knew all those purposes could co-exist so peacefully?

We even hung Art. I am especially fond of a self-portrait that I picked up at
Goodwill.  I'm calling her 'Penelope' (with a nose like that, I sort of  have to).
 Could it have been better? Sure. I didn't bother to fill any leftover nail holes...or paint the walls...or paint the cubes (which are pretty beat up)...but I'm okay with it. It's fine, just fine.

Total cost? Four new plastic bins (the ones with paints and stamps) $16 and one closet rod with hanging hardware $8. If I added correctly, that makes just $24.
Having a multi-functional room instead of a junk room? Priceless.


Stephen said...

I'm amazed at how well you fit everything in. It looks great. Thanks for the help Keira.

T Harrington said...

I totally didn't picture it that way... It is so useful!