Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 x 5, Day 2

I was talking to Suzanne on the phone yesterday,  when she decided to clean out Emma's closet.  It occurred to me that I too have at least one closet that was well past its sell-by date.  As you can see, it housed our terribly outdated VHS collection (it wrapped around the back of the closet too...and often spilled onto the floor...possibly knocked down by generation upon generation of monster dust bunnies). The wire shelf was totally inadequate for holding my vast collection of tablecloths, a few odd diapers and our punch bowl.

Before: The Land That Time Forgot.
Wherein I discover a new found love of wire shelving.
Step 1: Empty the closet.  I had Alex bring me up two empty boxes which I filled with video tapes and excess tablecloths.
Step 2: Have Alex install a double hook that he recently took off the wall in his room.
Step 3: Have Andrew install a shelf support in rear of closet.
Step 4: Find the hacksaw. (Yes, this deserves it's own step)
Step 5: Taking turns with Alex, cut shelf to correct length. (The shelf was originally in my office area).
Step 6: Install front shelf supports, then plop the shelf in place!
Step 7: Carefully edit what goes back in.  Andrew considers my old vacuum an eyesore and would much rather see a shiny new one (without all of the frayed sections of cord), but since Andrew isn't buying me a new one, we're stuck with the one I have.

Strains from the Hallelujah Chorus are running through my head.
Cost: $0.00.  Yes, the best thing about this closet make-over is that I didn't even need to go to the store.  Not once. Frankly, I find that priceless.


Suzanne said...

I'd like to take a little credit for your awesomely organized closet. I especially like the cost. I ended up spending $2.68 for the hooks in Emma's closet, but they were well worth it.

T Harrington said...

Well played! There is nothing better than a well utilized small space.