Monday, May 23, 2011

It must be Monday...Three Tales.

I got up a little extra early this morning (4:25 am) so that I could spend a bit more time on my seminary lesson.  I had some things that I had printed up that needed cutting out, and I wanted to make up some scripture mastery stuff on the computer (the final verse of the final scripture!!!). I got everything done, drove to seminary and just as I was parking I realized that I had left all that hard home. Aargh.

After I got home from seminary, Steve called me...he had forgotten to take the lunch that Andrew had prepared for him.

Steve told me that he had a little extra time because his boss had to go home - he had forgotten his laptop.

What's up with today???


Rebekah said...

Nathan forgot his phone and I forgot my brain :(

BeeGee Babe said...

I think it is throwing men into the mix. Mine is out of town so my Monday is going really well... for now.