Thursday, May 19, 2011

5 x 5, Day 4

 When I started this challenge, I didn't have a plan of exactly what projects I would do. I knew I was going to finish the R2D2 picture and I was pretty sure that I would do more embroidery, but I DIDN'T know I would end up cleaning closets. I have to say, I'm pretty happy to have clean closets. Not quite as happy as I am with my R2D2 picture, but it's close. Close-ish. In the general vicinity.
lower shelf: cleaning a none to tidy arrangement.
top shelf: first aid stuff.  We'd better hope to heaven that we don't need it...

...oh wait, we did.

Question: how many containers of rubbing acohol does one family need? On the other hand, now that I have it all sorted (and thrown away FIVE bandaid boxes), I know that I'll be needing more tape...for that little accident that Danny had.

Another free makeover. 

While I was at it, I decided to declutter the lower shelves too (sorry, no before picture - but
they really weren't messy, just overly full).

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T Harrington said...

I heart clean closets! Some people say they feel a flood of pure love when their children are born; I feel that way about a freshly organized closet.